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oahu wedding photographer

Nature &Fashion

I'm inspired by

No matter where your wedding day will be, I'll be there with thoughtful guidance and support. If meeting new friends, traveling & discovering new landscapes fills your heart with joy, we will get along well.

Oahu Wedding Photographer

oahu wedding photographer


I'm so thankful for many aspects of my life, including traveling the world and witnessing the true magic of the connection between two beautiful people. Photography and music are the two pillars that allow me to express my creativity. This line of work enables me to meet new, inspiring, and exciting people daily. My couples enjoy curated experiences and thrive on exploring exotic landscapes to create memorable organic moments. My pursuit of impeccable details pushes me to continually evolve my vision while reminding me of the importance of carrying my camera with humor, compassion, and curiosity.


All my best, Mari

A destination wedding

photographer who adores

traveling & the enchantment

of the human experience.

oahu wedding photographer



I absolutely love fashion and love creating art around one-of-kind pieces. I also dabble in numerous hobbies but truly enjoy arranging florals for my home; fresh flowers just make me so happy! I am also a musician & singer and enjoy performing.

oahu wedding photographer


     grateful for...


Places I have been

I live for traveling. Some of my favorites are Mexico, Europe, Panama, and Hawai'i of course. My bucket list locales include Italy's Amalfi Coast, Bali, France's Loire Valley, Maldives, Cote d'Azur, and St. Barths. I offer special perks to couples at these locations. Just ask when you inquire.

oahu wedding photographer
oahu wedding photographer



This photo above (that's me, the little one on the right) reminds me of the reason I love my career. This is the only photo I have of me at this age with my siblings. It was aged, tattered and I took a picture of the print so I wouldn't lose it. These fleeting moments that I capture during weddings remind me of the importance of photography. You will never get this time back. The laughs, tears, and hugs can magically live on forever on film. I really have the best job in the world, and I love it.


Guilty Pleasures

Nothing makes my day like a wonderful glass of wine (full-bodied French red) or a well-made cocktail (Negroni, please). Add some great friends and a stunning sunset, well that's just pure heaven.

oahu wedding photographer



I truly appreciate a wonderful meal and love to cook at home & for friends. Attending culinary college in my early years has made me have high standards when it comes to food. One of the many reasons I have an excitement about traveling. Being able to take a deep dive into the local culinary scene brings out the "Anthony Bourdain" in me.

oahu wedding photographer


Leisure Time

One of the many ways I center myself is to spend time by myself in nature. Living on an island gives me no shortage of choices for landscapes. But reading books or the latest Vogue under some swaying palm trees has to be my favorite when I need some "Me" time.

oahu wedding photographer


My Human

This man. My forever partner, Jacob. He's my drone photographer, a talented musician and never fails to make me laugh. Traveling with him has been a wonderful experience, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

oahu wedding photographer

" to  travel is to live!"

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